Smart Battery Management System Solutions

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What we offer ? 


12V 50A Lithium ion BMS

12V 100A Lithium ion BMS

12V 150A Lithium ion BMS

12V 150A Lithium ion BMS

48V  20A Lithium ion BMS


App smart management system

Intelligent control battery Module

Software communication tools

RS232/RS485 battery management system

CANBus communication battery management system


with BQ27XXX/BQ28XXX 
with BQ3060/BQ4050 
with BQ2050/BQ2060
with BQ20ZXX/BQ40ZXX
with BQ34Z100
with BQ78350
with O2Micro OZ
with Maxim DS


   PCM For 1-2cells 
    PCM For 3-4cells 
   PCM For 5-9cells 
       PCM For 10-16cells 
      PCM For 17-32cells

PCM For Lithium titanate battery

          PCM with weak current switch

SmarTec specilized in supplying the battery protection modules (PCM), battery management system (BMS)

and making the customized battery packs for Lithium ion / Lithium iron phosphate ( LiFePO4) as "one-stop" solution.


1. Have a strong R&D Team                                                        3. Competitive price to support you                                                          5.  ODM/OEM services

  (over 15 years experiences in the field of batteries)                   (self-developed BMS & Good sourcing of single cells)                           (customized design to meet your prodcut applications)



2.  High quality single cells                                                          4. Diferent cells type for your option based on your market                     6. "ONE-STOP" service of Lithium ion batteries solution      (brand cells imported from Japan, Korea, France, etc.)             ( have good partners of single cells made in china)                                   ( to save you more time and cost)


Why choose? 

New energy vehicles
Ball charter
Electric and hybrid vehicles
Communication energy storage
Solar energy storage
Energy storage power station
Medical equipment
Electrical tools
Lighting fixture
Smart robot


Mainly used in new energy vehicles, golf carts, electric and hybrid vehicles, communications energy storage, solar energy storage, energy storage power stations, medical equipment, power tools, lighting, intelligent robots and other fields.